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Tổng hợp sách dạy Piano

Trong quá trình đi tìm sách cho con học Piano, tôi đã sưu tầm được một số sách, tài liệu, giáo trình dạy học Piano từ căn bản tới nâng cao. Mời các bạn tham khảo nhé:

Lean to Play Piano Book

  1. Nhạc lý cho bé học đàn Piano (dành cho phụ huynh)
  2. Một số kiến thức nhạc lý cơ bản cần có
  3. Nhạc lý cơ bản
  4. Bộ tài liệu học đàn Piano cho người mới bắt đầu – Methode Rose
  5. John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course
  6. John Thompson Modern Course for Piano
  7. Alfred’s-Piano
  8. Piano Adventures
  9. Rocket Piano
  10. Sách luyện ngón The Virtuoso Pianist (Hanon)
  11. James Bastien Piano
  12. Suzuki Piano School
  13. Trinity Guildhall Piano
  14. Abrsm Piano
  15. Piano berklee instant keyboard method
  16. Sách dạy Piano căn bản cho người mới bắt đầu – “Piano for Dummies” (Mirror Download)
  17. Sách dạy Piano căn bản qua 10 bài học nhỏ – “How to play piano in 10 easy lesson” (Mirror Download)
  18. Sách dạy Jazz Piano căn bản – “The Jazz Piano Book
  19. The Real Easy Book – Vol. 1 – Tunes for Beginning Improvisers, by Sher Music Co
  20. Jazz Theory – From Basic To Advanced Study – Workbook | Mirror Download
  21. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Country của Pianosheets.org
  22. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Jazz của Pianosheets.org
  23. Giáo trình dạy Piano – R&B của Pianosheet.org
  24. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Blue của Pianosheet.org
  25. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Rock của Pianosheets.org
  26. Bộ sách dạy Piano – Jazz tổng hợp từ các nguồn độc lập khác
  27. Bộ sách dạy Piano – Blue & Rock tổng hợp từ các nguồn độc lập khác
  28. Jazz Theory I – 5th edition, by Hiroaki Honshuku
  29. The Scale Omnibus 1.01 | Mirror download
  30. John Mehegan Famous Jazz Style Piano
  31. John Mehegan: Jazz Improvisation 1Jazz Improvisation 2  | Jazz Improvisation 3Jazz Improvisation 4
  32. John Mehegan: Improvising Jazz Piano
  33. Pianobreaks Basics – Guide to Jazzy Chords and Improvisation
  34. Big Book of Jazz Piano Improvisation
  35. Intro to Jazz Piano by Mark Harrison
  36. Blues Hanon
  37. Hanon Jazz
  38. Jazz Hanon by Alfassy (complete)
  39. Jazz Hanon
  40. Piano Exercices Jerry Gray Jazz Hanon
  41. Oscar Peterson Jazz Exercises and Pieces
  42. Mike Tracy Jazz Piano Voicings for non pianists
  43. Jazz Piano Chords
  44. How to play a ii-V-I Jazz Chord Progression | Video | ii-V-I-simple.pdf
  45. Getting Started With Jazz Improvisation Handout 2012
  46. Chord Progressions
  47. Piano Chords and Progressions
  48. Awesome Chords Book 1
  49. Jazz Piano Voicings
  50. Jazz Piano Voicing Skills
  51. Voicings for Jazz Keyboard
  52. Bill Boyd Intermediate Jazz chord Voicing
  53. Misha Stefanuk Jazz Piano Scales and Modes
  54. Essential Jazz Piano Phrases
  55. Piano Phrasing
  56. Jazz Piano Patterns Essential Jazz Piano Phrases
  57. Jazz Method chord by chord
  58. Bill Boyd Jazz Chord Progressions
  59. Jazz Riffs for Piano
  60. Piano Jazz Etudes for Beginners
  61. Neil Olmstead Solo Jazz Piano Part 2
  62. Neil Olmstead Solo Jazz Piano The Linear Approach BOOGIEWOOGIE
  63. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 1
  64. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 2
  65. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 3
  66. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 4
  67. Jazz Piano Solos by Dave Brubeck
  68. Jazz Piano Harmony
  69. Jazz Piano W Nunes: Solo Improvisation Technique for the Jazz Piano
  70. Piano Jazz 2 by Brian Priestley
  71. R&B Piano Solos
  72. Art Tatum Jazz Piano Solos
  73. Duke Ellington Jazz Piano
  74. Melodic Studies for the Jazz Pianist
  75. Jazz Ballads (16 Famous Jazz Ballads)
  76. Jazz Piano Solos Vol 2: Jazz Stars
  77. Jazz Piano Solos Vol 10: Jazz Ballads
  78. Jazz Piano Solos: Jazz Blue
  79. Blues Piano by TODD Lowry
  80. Jazz How to Play Blues Piano – by Junior Mance 1967
  81. Jazz Piano Solos Vol 12: Swinging Jazz
  82. Jazz Piano Solos: Classical Jazz
  83. Jazz Piano Play Along (The Steinway Library of Piano Music)
  84. Favorite Jazz for Solo Piano by Tom Roed
  85. Piano Solo: Hard-Bop
  86. Great Jazz Piano Solos – Book 1
  87. Popular Piano Solos – Book 8 Jazz
  88. Jazz piano solos О Петерсон Вып 1
  89. VA Smooth Jazz – Jazz Piano Solos
  90. Jazz Piano Solos: Soul Jazz – Vol 11
  91. Fujii Eiichi Book: Jazz Standards
  92. Jazz piano by Misha V. Stefanuk
  93. Jazz Piano Left Hand
  94. Jazz Piano Left Hand Techniques Complete eBook
  95. Riccardo Scivales Jazz Piano the Left Hand 2005
  96. Easy Jazz Conception Piano Comping
  97. Latin Jazz Standards
  98. John Valerio BeBop Jazz Piano
  99. Latin Jazz Piano
  100. Biblia Del Piano Latino
  101. Deneff Salsa Hanon 50 essential exercises for latin piano
  102. Piano Latin Grooves for the Creative Musician Keyboard
  103. Latin Jazz Piano Master The Collection
  104. Modern Jazz Piano Styles
  105. The Giants Jazz Piano
  106. The Genius of the Jazz Giants Vol 2
  107. Great Jazz Standards
  108. Contemporary Jazz Piano
  109. Contemporary Jazz Giants Piano Solos
  110. Contemporary Jazz Piano the Complete Guide by Mark Harrison Split1
  111. Essential Elements Jazz Piano
  112. Jazz Club Piano Solos Vol 1
  113. Jazz Club Piano Solos Vol 2
  114. Jazz Club Piano Solos Vol 3
  115. Jazz Piano Cocktails
  116. Various The Best Songs of Piano Bar
  117. The Beatles for Jazz Piano
  118. Manfred Schmitz – Der Neue: Jazz Parnass, Band 2.2002
  119. Manfred Schmitz: Blues – Boogie Woogie 1979
  120. Bill Evans Fake Book
  121. Bill Evans Piano Solos
  122. The Best of Scott Joplin Ragtime – Vol 1
  123. The Best Of Scott Joplin: A collection of original ragtime piano compositions
  124. All Aspects of Rock & Jazz: Piano Basic Teaching
  125. Jerry Gray Jazz Czerny piano
  126. Jazz Czerny by Jerry Gray
  127. 100 Jazz Etudes by Jacob Wise
  128. Boogie Woogie for Beginners
  129. Boogie Woogie and How To Play It Book Two – David Carr Glover 1958
  130. Jamey Abersold New Approach to Jazz Improvisation Vol.1.zip (*.MP3)
  131. Piano Graded Pieces Sorted By Difficulty (danh sách các bản nhạc piano tính theo độ khó)
  132. The Art of Fingering in Piano Playing Musafia
  133. A Handbook of Piano Playing Enric Hope 1962
  134. Easy Piano Classics
  135. The Usborne Book Of Piano Classics
  136. Classical Piano Favorites
  137. The Library of Easy Piano Classics, Vol 1
  138. The Library of Easy Piano Classics, Vol.2
  139. Masterpieces of Piano Music
  140. Faber – Piano Literature Book 1 – Late Elementary
  141. Faber – Piano Literature Book 2 – Early Intermediate
  142. Faber – Piano Literature Book 3 – Intermediate
  143. Faber – Bigtime Piano Classics Level 4
  144. Top 10 Classical Favorites
  145. 100 Piano Pieces Vol 1 Music Books
  146. Romantic Pop Piano Part 1,2,3,4,5,6
  147. eBook: Pop Ballad Accompaniment for PianoPlaying Pop Ballads
  148. Advanced Solo Encyclopedia Vol 1: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
  149. Learn & Master Piano with Will Barrow: Lesson Book 2nd Edition
  150. Fundementals of Piano Practice
  151. Piano Practising and Technique
  152. The Art of Piano Technique
  153. Carl Humphries – The Piano Handbook
  154. Piano playing Techniques used by Concert Pianists
  155. Practising the Piano by Frank Marrick 1958
  156. The Art of Piano Playing Kochevitsky 1967
  157. Natural Piano Technic Vol2 Breithhaupt 1909
  158. Great Pianists on Piano Playing
  159. Ernest Hutcheson The Elements of Piano Technique
  160. Piano Teaching
  161. The Teaching of Claudio Arrau and His Pupils
  162. Piano Scales and Arpeggios royal Schools of Music
  163. The Manual of Scales Broken Chords and Arpeggios for Piano
  164. Mastering the Scales and Arpeggios
  165. Piano Minor Scales Fingering
  166. Visual Guides to Piano Scales
  167. Modern Piano Teaching Townsend 1911
  168. Piano Playing Motion Sound and Expression by Gyorgy Sandor
  169. Piano Playing With Piano Questions Answered Josef Hofmann 1920
  170. Lightning Fast Piano Scales Zach Evans
  171. Complete Manual of Scales and Arpegios
  172. The Russian School of Piano Playing 1
  173. The Russian School of Piano Playing 2
  174. Russian Classics Arranged for Piano Ld
  175. Practicing perfection
  176. The Leschetizky Method
  177. Claude Debussy Selected Piano Works
  178. Mendelssohn Complete Works for Piano
  179. Popular Piano Solos Book 1
  180. Best of the 70’s and 80’s Dan Coates Piano Book
  181. Tom Roed Advanced Piano Solos Vol 1
  182. Tom Roed Advanced Piano Solos Vol 2
  183. Piano Sonatines
  184. Bach – Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Henle Verlag
  185. Bach 10 Piano Transcriptions
  186. Bach Selected Piano Works
  187. Bach 6 Sonatas Op 17 (Henle Urtext)
  188. Bach Well Tempered Clavier Vol 1
  189. Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 (Henle Urtext) (BWV846-869)
  190. Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 2 (Henle Urtext) (BWV870-893)
  191. Bach Two Part Inventions
  192. Bach 2 Part Inventions
  193. Bach Two and Three Part Inventions
  194. Bach Fifteen Two Part Inventions
  195. Bach-15-Inventions
  196. Bach Pequenos Preludios y Fugas
  197. Bach Inventions
  198. Bach Inventions (2v Urtext)
  199. Bach Invence a Sinfonie (Wiener Urtext)
  200. Bach Two Part Inventions Three Part Inventions Italian Concerto Goldberg Variations
  201. Bach English Suites (Henle Urtext)
  202. Bach The Well Tempered Clavier 1
  203. Bach The Well Tempered Clavier 2
  204. Score Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 1
  205. Score Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 2
  206. Analysis of J.S.Bach’s Preludes & Fugues Part 1 – Riemann
  207. Analysis of J.S.Bach’s Preludes & Fugues Part 2 – Riemann
  208. Analysis of Bach’s Fugues from WTC (Prout)
  209. Analysis of J.S Bach’s Preludes & Fugues Vol 2
  210. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier Th Book Fi.org (David Ledbetter)
  211. J.S Bach The Complete Guide
  212. Louis Van Beethoven’s Studies
  213. Beethoven Sonatas
  214. Beethoven All SonatasBeethoven Complete Piano SonatasBeethoven Complete Piano Sonatas
  215. Beethoven 32 Sonate Urtext Edition Martiensen Publisher 1
  216. Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol II Henle
  217. Beethoven Bagatelles Henle Urtext
  218. Analysis of Beethoven Sonates
  219. Beethoven Piano Concertos 1, 2 and 3 Henle Verlag
  220. Beethoven Piano Concerto Cadenzas Henle Verlag
  221. Mozart Sonatas Piano (22)
  222. Mozart Sonatas
  223. Mozart’s Piano Sonatas Complete Good Edition
  224. Mozart Piano Sonatas – Vol 1 (Henle Urtext)
  225. Mozart Piano Sonatas – Vol 2 (Henle Urtext)
  226. Mozart Piano Sonatas – Vol 3 (Henle Urtext)
  227. Mozart Piano Sonatas 2 volumes (Urtext)
  228. Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol 2 (Serie IX – Klaviermusik) (Tiếng Đức)
  229. Mozart Sonatas Analysis
  230. Mozart Variations for Piano (Henle Urtext)
  231. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 1 Etudes
  232. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 2 Preludes
  233. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 3 Ballads
  234. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 4 Polonaises
  235. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 5 Nocturnes
  236. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 6 Waltzes
  237. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 7 Mazurkas
  238. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 8 Rondos
  239. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 9 Impromptus
  240. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 10 Sonatas
  241. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 11 Concertos
  242. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 12 Variations and Fantasias
  243. Frederick Chopin’s Works Volume 13 Various Works
  244. Chopin Valzer Per Pianoforte Valzer Del Cagnolino 64 1 6
  245. Chopin Waltzes for the Piano (Complete)
  246. Chopin Etudes (Henle Urtext)
  247. Chopin 27 Etudes (Henle Urtext)
  248. Chopin Complete Etudes Schirmer Friedheim
  249. Chopin Preludes Op 28 (Wiener Urtext)
  250. Chopin Twenty four Preludes Opus 28
  251. Chopin Preludes
  252. Analysis of Chopin PreludeAnalysis of Texture in Piano Etudes of Chopin and-Scriabin
  253. Chopin Mazurkas
  254. Chopin Nocturnes
  255. Chopin Polonaises
  256. Chopin Polonaises Op 53
  257. Chopin Impromptus
  258. Chopin Sonata No.3 in B minor Op 58
  259. Chopin Piano Concerto E minor Op 11
  260. Chopin The Piano Concertos
  261. Chopin The Four Ballades
  262. Chopin Polish Ballade
  263. Chopin and the G Minor Ballade
  264. The Form of Chopin’s Ballade Op 23
  265. Performance Practices in Chopin’s Plano Sonatas
  266. Chopin Fantasy in F Minor Op 49 (Urtext)
  267. Chopin Scherzo No.1 Op 20Chopin-Scherzo No.2 Op 31 | Chopin Scherzo No.3 Op 39Chopin Scherzo No.4 Op 54
  268. Chopin – 40 Piano Compositions
  269. The Chopin Technique
  270. Chopin Piano Technique
  271. Harmony in Chopin David Damschroder
  272. Brahms – Solo Piano Works (Urtext)
  273. Brahms Entire Works Reference Guide
  274. The Landguage of Johannes Brahms’s Theme and Variation
  275. Liszt – Complete Technical Exercises for the Piano
  276. Liszt Annees de Pelerinage 1 Suisse (Henle Urtext)
  277. Liszt Annees de Pelerinage 3 Troiseme Annee (Henle Urtext)
  278. Josef Hofmann – Piano Playing with Piano Questions Answered
  279. Joseph Haydn Piano Sonatas Volume 1 (Mirror Download)
  280. Joseph Haydn Piano Sonatas Volume 2 (Mirror Download)
  281. Haydn Piano Sonatas Vol 1 (Henle Urtext)
  282. Haydn Piano Sonatas Vol 2 (Henle Urtext)
  283. Haydn Piano Sonatas Vol 3 (Henle Urtext)
  284. Schumann Waldszenen Op 82 (Henle Urtext)
  285. Schumann Three-Romances-Op-28 (Henle Urtext)
  286. Schumann Symphonic Etudes Op 13 (Henle Urtext w Anhang)
  287. Schumann Sonata in G Minor Op 22 (Henle Urtext)
  288. Schumann Nachtstucke Op 23 (Henle Urtext)
  289. Schumann Kreisleriana Op 16 (Henle Urtext)
  290. Schumann Kinderszenen Op 15 (Henle Urtext)
  291. Schumann Fantasie Op 17 (Henle Urtext)
  292. Schubert Piano Sonatas Vol 1 (Henle Urtext)
  293. Schubert Piano Sonatas Vol 2 (Henle Urtext)
  294. Schubert Piano Sonatas Vol 3 (Henle Urtext)
  295. Schubert Piano Sonatas Vol 4 (Henle Urtext)
  296. Schubert Piano Sonatas Vol 5 (Henle Urtext)
  297. Schubert The Complete Piano Sonatas (Played on Period Instruments)
  298. Walter Gieseking, Karl Leimer: Piano Technique
  299. Clementi 6 Sonatine Op36Clementi Sonatinas Op36
  300. Clementi Op42 Let (Art of Playing on the Piano Forte)
  301. Clementi Preludes et Exercices
  302. Clementi Piano Sonatas Vol 1
  303. Riemann, Hugo: Introduction to Playing From Score Piano Reduction of the Orchestral Scores
  304. Czerny 100 Progressive Studies Op 139
  305. Czerny Op 261 Book 1: 125 Exercises in Passage Playing
  306. Czerny Op 299
  307. Czerny Schule Der Op 299 Complete
  308. Czerny Op 337
  309. Czerny 40 Daily Exercises Op 337
  310. Czerny School of Velocity Op 365
  311. Czerny Op 599
  312. Czerny EL Primer Maestro De Piano Op 599
  313. Czerny Preliminary School of Finger Dexterity Op 636
  314. Czerny 24 Studies for the Left Hand Op 718
  315. Czerny Op 740
  316. Czerny The Art of Finger Dexterity Op 740 Book 1
  317. Czerny The Art of Finger Dexterity Op 740 Book 2
  318. Czerny The Art of Finger Dexterity Op 740
  319. Czerny 25 Exercises for Small Hands Op 748
  320. Czerny Practical Finger Exercises Op 802
  321. Czerny 160 Eight measure Exercises Op 821
  322. Czerny Op 823
  323. Czerny Op 849Estudios Czerny Opus 849
  324. Rachmaninoff Piano Sonata No.2 – Second Version
  325. Rachmaninoff Orchestra
  326. Rachmaninoff Etude Tableau Op 39 No.5
  327. Rachmaninoff Horowitz Sonata No.2
  328. Rachmaninoff 13 Preludes Op 32
  329. Rachmaninov 13 Preludes
  330. Rachmaninoff Preludes Op 23
  331. Rachmaninoff Vocalise Piano Solo
  332. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 Op 18 Piano Solo
  333. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 2Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 2 IMSLP
  334. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto Analysis
  335. Rachmaninoff Piano Concert 3 From Shine
  336. Rachmaninov 3rd Piano Concerto
  337. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.3 Op 30
  338. IMSLP11394 Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini Orchestral Score 1
  339. Band I Debussy piano
  340. Claude Debussy Selected Piano Works
  341. Debussy Preludes Book 1
  342. Claude Debussy Arabesque No.1 Piano
  343. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 Op 23Piano Concerto No1 Op 23.zip
  344. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto Op 23
  345. Tchaikovsky Op 40
  346. Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker for Piano Full Score
  347. Tchaikovsky Swan LakeTchaikovsky Swan LakeTchaikovsky Swan Lake
  348. Tchaikovsky Wild at the Ball
  349. Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty Suite Op66a
  350. Kapustin Etudes
  351. Kapustin 24 Preludes and Fugues Op 82
  352. Kapustin Final Complete
  353. Còn nữa… (Liên tục được cập nhật sách mới)

Hải Anh Piano

Hải Anh Piano

Nguyễn Hải Anh – SN: 01.08.2005; Bắt đầu chơi Piano từ tháng 7/2016; Tháng 7/2017 thi đỗ Học viện Âm nhạc Quốc gia Việt Nam, chuyên ngành Piano Jazz, khoa Jazz (Trung cấp 7 năm).
Thành tích:
– Giải Ba CEG Music Festival 2017 (Nhóm CEG POP);
– Giải Khuyến khích CEG Music Festival 2017 (Nhóm CEG Classic);
– Giải Ba Piano Festival TP Hà Nội 2017


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        Nhân tiện nếu bạn tìm được tài liệu nào về Playing các Style khác như Tango, Slow Rock, Boston … thì xin bạn vui lòng chia xẻ cho mình với nhé.
        Cảm ơn bạn thật nhiều .


  1. Tài liệu, Giáo trình, Sách tự học đàn piano cơ bản Tiếng Việt

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